Children Senior Secondary School Azamgarh U.P

Near Railway Station Azamgarh Uttar Pradesh, India 276001
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Welcome to Children Senior Secondary School, a school that focuses on opportunity & achievement, a place where students are encouraged and supported to excel Children Senior Secondary School is one of the largest educational group of institutions in the Azamgarh, with a vision to excel in all the spheres. Set up in 1992, it has gained the trust and appreciation of the students and their parents in all these years of its journey. It focuses on opportunity and achievement, development of a healthy competitiveness among the students, which leads eternal quest of knowledge. A Student is the heart throb of the nation. Specialized muscles of heart are controlled by the electrochemical signal sent by the brain. In the same way shaping of personality of a child are governed by the effective academic environment of an institution. Selection of this institution is a matter of concern where opportunities of harmonious development of personality scholistic and co-scholistic growth, bloom in megafold. The challenge to be the best you can be is supported by a holistic approach to personal learning. The class-room programs are rich and engaging, activities are learned centered by the numerous cultural and sporting activities. On being asked about formulae of success, Albert Einstein once replied that (A= X + Y + Z) where A is success, X is hard work, Y is flexibility and Z is to keep tongue tight. We always try our best to encourage our student to follow this formula. Aim of education is to process a raw material i.e student to become a true, sensible and responsible citizen. Our institution is committed to do that. We view that effective schooling is a tertiary level of governing system where a child is in middle and flanked by the parents and teachers. Overall success of a child is based on the sincere contribution of all the three stages. The goal of experiencing tertiary study is achieved by many of our school leavers. We are committed to ensure that every student receives the skill, knowledge and experience that will allow them to take next step in their lives when they leave Children Senior Secondary School. We believe we give our students the necessary tools to have a choice about their future lives. By choosing us you are selecting a school that is committed to ensure, your youngsters meet their full potential. I wish a very bright and prosperous future to all those students who are likely to enter in this institution. I am thankful to all those who directly or indirectly try to march in step with the ambition of this institution. .

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